Linvisibile inaugurates a new exhibition space in Bologna

20 September 2016

A new opening for Linvisibile, which in the space of Insidesign StudioStore will have an exclusive exhibition. Everything about this project is special, starting with the location, a deconsecrated church (Vicolo della Neve, 5) in the heart of Bologna.

The exhibition concept, curated by the company’s Art Director, Matteo Ragni, occupies the central aisle of the church, which hosts two exclusive installations, and extends to all the doors of the interior space, with finishes, dimensions and accessories to be discovered.

An exhibition that is a compendium of the tailoring possibilities that our products allow; to be seen, touch and admired. For this project Linvisibile renews some very important partnerships, the one with Matteo Brioni that provides the textural mortar which coats the structures, with FritsJurgens, which provides the mechanism that moves the pivoting systems and Jannelli&Volpi for the wallpaper.

The space will be open on the occasion of the Bologna Design Week, from September 26th to October 1st  every day from 1.00 pm to 10.00 pm. The inaugural event, open to the public, will be on September 28th starting at 6.00 pm.