Linvisibile at Orsoni Furnace, Venice

31 October 2017

At Linvisibile, we are happy to establish top corporate partnerships, the latest one being with Orsoni, the famous Venetian furnace.

Orsoni uses the same traits since 1888 to produce 24 K gold leaf mosaics and enamels in more than 3.500 colours. For our collaboration, with the aim of demonstrating Linvisibile’s products technology and Orsoni’s ancient artisanal techniques, Linvisibile provided two types of doors: Alba and Brezza to be coated with Orsoni Gold Mosaics.


They are being showcased at Orsoni’s factory in Cannareggio-Venice, recently renovated and designed by Studio Duebarradue.


In addition to furnishing two of our doors, Alba Filo 10 Hinged and Brezza Filo 10 Vertical Pivot, we have also provided Linvisibile Nicchio. As accessories, we used FritsJurgens Pivot System in the Brezza Vertical Pivot door and Simonswerk Concealed Hinges in the Alba Hinged Door.

For more information, you can download the project showcase here