• Stefano Miotti
    Always imperturbable even in the face of difficulties. He knows how to stay calm and concentrated like no other. His motto is: “No reason is ever serious enough to make me give up a game of futsal.” Deep in his heart he is a diehard Milan fan.

    Stefano Miotti

    Italian Customer Service
  • Raffaella Vancini
    A person with an uncommon sensibility, she is an undying romantic. Precise and determined, nothing related to her work escapes her. Her passions? Traveling, fashion, and her very likable dog.

    Raffaella Vancini

    Foreign Customer Service
  • Barbara Benini
    Friendly, pleasant, receptive, with an unmistakable smile that she generously shares. Cuddling mom well known for her gargantuan backyard celebrations.

    Barbara Benini

    Foreign Customer Service
  • Gioia Molinari
    Sophisticated and elegant, she carries herself in a way that wins you over.

    Gioia Molinari

    Central Europe Key Account
  • Silvia Felletti
    A passionate writer and avid reader ... when time allows it. In the past she stumbled upon poetry and still carries it in her heart. Busy and proud mother of two natural calamities.

    Silvia Felletti

    Operative Marketing Manager
  • Alice Manfredini

    Service & CRM Department
  • Silvia Cesari
    A determined and strong willed person with a sunny disposition. An intense life unraveled in numbers and budgets and she still finds, who knows how, time for many other activities and two fantastic kids. Her colleagues are her most passionate fans, and the beneficiaries of sweets and cakes she bakes at 6 in the morning. Her motto: “At my signal, unleash hell”.

    Silvia Cesari

    Administrative & Financial Manager
  • Luca Vaccari
    He walks the floor in long strides ... here now and gone a second later. Frenzied and restless he is a man with a lot to do ... on Monday.

    Luca Vaccari

    Service Manager
  • Francesco Baroni
    Avid motor biker. From his PC you will hear only Latin-American music. AutoCAD® is his best friend. His quiet appearance may mislead you. Deep down he can be a great pal.

    Francesco Baroni

    Research & Development Manager
  • Giuliana Ghelfi
    The company’s doyen. She started her career over 10 years ago. Logistics hold no secrets for her. She has a direct line running along all roads and with couriers of all nationalities. Her past includes teaching Caribbean dances and she has a passion for cats.

    Giuliana Ghelfi

    Logistic Office Department
  • Luca Carnaroli

    Purchase Department Manager
  • Chiara Simoni
    Shy and reserved, she is the youngest. She is always smiling and very sweet. The colleague next door....

    Chiara Simoni

    Purchase department
  • Vittorio Chendi
    Serious, precise, impeccable and then some. It is almost impossible to catch him out. He loves a good discussion ... but don’t ask him inane questions. Very fond of good wine.

    Vittorio Chendi

    Operations Manager & Technical Department Manager
  • Antonio Menegatti
    Proudly born in Ferrara, Italy and motorbike lover since the age of 16.
    He's among the last heirs belonging to a dynasty that believes in gentility and generosity.
    In his free time, he also tries to be a triathlete.

    Antonio Menegatti

    General Manager
  • Silvano Vaccari
    The technical soul of Linvisibile. A long experience acquired over 40 years of work. A passionate hunter, he defines himself as a proud man of the mountains.

    Silvano Vaccari

  • Laura Peragine

    Promoter Milan
  • Gabriela Fernandez Parada

    USA Key Account
  • Mariana Sandoval

    LATAM Sales Executive
  • Jimena Roda

    Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Dario Grossi

    Africa Specification Manager
  • Vincent Dibben

    UK Manager
  • Chiara Baiguera

    Middle East Sales Executive
  • Eugenia Gollandskaia

    Russia Sales Executive
  • Andrea Bertoni

    Andrea Bertoni

    Production Department Supervisors
  • Luca Storari

    Luca Storari

    Production Department Supervisors
  • Varun Jagger

    APAC Sales Executive
  • Meriç Özgürman

    Press Office Linvisibile

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